Karta över Höga Kusten

Skuleskogen National Park

Slåttdalsberget.  Photography: Carolina Hillerdal

Slåttdalsberget. Photography: Carolina Hillerdal

Skuleskogen was established in 1984 as Sweden´s nineteenth national park. The park is part of the majestic High Coast, a World Heritage Site, where the Baltic Sea is at its deepest and its islands at their highest.

The red-coloured Nordingrå granite cliffs, the land uplift coast, and the coniferous forest of the borderland between north and south characterise the national park. Trails and sights of interest can be reached from the three park entrances or from the sea.

Skuleskogen is like a textbook in physical geography, where you can see how ice sheet, land uplift and waves formed the land of Sweden.

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